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Clothes That Hide Pregnancy

By Diane Lynn ; Updated July 18, 2017

You may not be ready to announce your pregnancy to the world. Perhaps you are waiting until you are safely through the first trimester, when your risk of miscarriage diminishes. You might have an upcoming job interview or social event and do not want your pregnancy to be a topic of conversation. Whatever your reasons for concealing your pregnancy, there are clothing choices that can help.

First Trimester

Rather than moving right into maternity clothes the first trimester, adapt your favorite clothes to fit until you are ready to reveal your growing secret. Purchase a wide elastic band which fits over the waistband of your pants and skirts. You can then leave the waistband unbuttoned or unzipped without fear of losing your pants. Pair this with a long shirt and no one is the wiser. One trick to help your pre-pregnancy clothes fit for longer is to loop a ponytail holder through the buttonhole of your pants to give you another inch of growing room. Visit a second-hand store and buy a larger pair of non-maternity pants.


Once you reach the middle trimester of your pregnancy, your waistline will begin to expand rapidly. Now is the time to think about layering your wardrobe. Adding a belt will give the illusion of a smaller waist even as your baby grows. When you purchase maternity pants, choose those with a hidden panel. Some maternity jeans and pants are easily mistaken for non-maternity clothing because they have a faux zipper and button.

Patterns and Colors

In addition to wearing the right clothes, pay attention to colors and patterns. "InStyle" Magazine recommends that you avoid satin, bright colors and loud prints. Instead, wear dark, solid-color dresses and tops to look slimmer. Or combine a slim pair of dark pants, a skirt or shorts with a lighter-colored top. Avoid horizontal stripes and plaids. A beautiful, bold print top is a great choice when paired with a solid bottom.


Successfully hiding a pregnancy involves more than just clothing choices. Pairing the proper clothes with carefully selected accessories is a way to camouflage your pregnancy. When choosing accessories, select ones that will draw attention up and away from your belly. Wear a great necklace and it will be the focal point of your outfit. Learn how to arrange a scarf artfully, and people will look at your face and not your tummy.

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