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How to Cancel a Bally's Total Fitness Membership

By Si Kingston ; Updated October 25, 2017

Bally Total Fitness gyms are a popular gym franchise in the United States. Thousands of members pay monthly to have access to Bally's fitness equipment, facilities and fitness classes. If you no longer want your Bally membership, you can cancel. Bally has two basic memberships: monthly and term. Monthly members pay month to month, while term members pay at least several months in advance. You aren't entitled to a refund of any membership fees unless you have a term membership, and you must cancel due to uncontrollable circumstances such as military orders or disability.

Review your Bally membership agreement. Your cancellation rights vary depending on your membership plan. For example, Bally's Monthly Payment Memberships allow you to cancel your membership 10 days before your next payment due date. If you cancel the membership two days before the next payment due date, for example, you will still be charged for that next month. If you no longer have a copy of your Bally membership agreement, email the support team to request a copy (see Resources). There is a $10 replacement fee, as of 2010, for a copy of your agreement.

Call the Bally member support team at 866-402-2559. Request that your membership be canceled. The representative will inform you that you must draft a letter requesting cancellation, and what information you must include in that letter.

Draft a cancellation letter. Be sure to include all required information. For example, if you must cancel due to military orders, you should include a copy of any military paperwork that verifies the order. Send the letter to: Bally Total Fitness, P.O. Box 96421, Washington, DC 20090-6241. Once Bally receives your letter, it can take up to 10 days to process your cancellation request.

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