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DIY Build a Snowboard Storage Rack

By David Pepper ; Updated October 25, 2017

Snowboarding is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. As with any sport, high quality equipment can be an expensive investment, so it pays to keep equipment in good repair and store it properly both for short periods of time during the season and during the long months between riding opportunities. There are numerous commercial snowboard storage racks available, but it's not difficult to come up with your own do-it-yourself storage solution.

Storage Strategy

While snowboards are generally durable, when not in use they should be properly protected from physical damage and environmental hazards. Snowboards should not be stacked atop one another or underneath other objects, which can cause damage to the bindings or the camber of the board. Snowboards that are simply leaning against a wall can fall and cause damage to the bindings or base. Snowboards should not be stored in extremely hot conditions, such as under an attic eave or in a metal storage container as excessive heat can cause damage to the wax and even delamination of the base.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

A snowboard storage rack doesn't have to be elaborate if you aren't worried too much about aesthetics. One simple solution is to purchase a pair of large plastic-coated hooks, often used for storing bicycles. Screw the hopes into the studs of a garage wall and store your board horizontally. Another possibility is to re-purpose metal supports used for hanging bookshelves. Find supports wide enough to hold your board and cover them with duct tape to avoid scratching your base. Finally, a board can be suspended by using a pair of screw-in S hooks.

Workshop Solutions

If you want a storage solution with a little more flair, consider building something in your workshop. One possibility is bin-style racks, which are essentially long plywood boxes a bit wider than a snowboard, with upright wooden dividers. Snowboards are stored vertically in the bin, one to each divider. Another type of rack, a wall rack, can be made by mounting two vertical strips of 4x4 wood to a wall. Parallel notches are cut into the strips at 45-degree angles, and the snowboard stored horizontally between the strips by slipping the long edge of the board into the notches.

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