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How to Get a Press Credential to a Sporting Event

By Contributing Writer ; Updated October 25, 2017

Going to an event and having front-row seats or backstage passes is one of the perks of being a member of the press. A press person may apply for a press credential to the sponsoring organization in order to receive permission to shoot video, take pictures and interview a potential source regarding the subject. Freelance writers may also participate in obtaining a press pass. Indicate your occupation in the application.

Peruse the website of the event. Event organizers know about the publicity that the event will attract, so they usually have a page dedicated to inform the media of what they are to do and how to get press releases for the event. If the event has no media page or even a website, try to locate the organizing company's phone number or office. Tell the receptionist that you'd like to talk to the media director or anyone who handles media and issuance of press credentials. Send your resume and a letter regarding your inquiry to obtain a press credential to the appropriate person.

Ask about the process once you have contacted the right person. Be sure to get as much information as you can about the event, the venue, how they issue press releases and any application or materials required to complete the process. Be as informed as possible because the more you understand the process, the earlier you can submit the application and in turn, the better your chance of getting a press pass. In the application, they will ask you about basic information and what company you are working for.

Use the help of a colleague or editor. In journalism and entertainment, it's all about who you know. By using your connections, you will may be able to talk directly to someone of power within the organization hosting the event, or your connections might be able to write you a support letter to strengthen you application to the hosting organization. Be able to go through several contacts in your network. Submit application as per the guideline enumerated by your contact within the sponsoring organization.

Be sure to follow-up with the organization about the status of your application and inquire about any more actions you are required to take at this point. Be sure to ask about the rules, conduct and behavior that are required. Uphold journalistic and writing standards. Also ask if you are required to pay a fee for the press credential.

Accept your press credential at the mixer before the event or the opening ceremony. There are various ways on how the sponsoring company hand out the press credential-- through a mixer or the registration prior to the ceremony. Be sure to bring proper forms of identification and the approval letter stating that they are granting you a press credential. To avoid the hassle of going to the event and being denied to enter, you may call on a day closer to the event to inquire one last time if you have actually been granted the credential.

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