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Tips for Comfort During Pregnancy

By Elizabeth Wolfenden ; Updated June 13, 2017

Growing a baby is hard work, and many pregnant women will have the aches, pains and bodily discomforts to prove it. While it may not be realistic to think that pregnant women will be able to be quite as comfortable as they were before they were pregnant, there are a few things that may help them manage or reduce their discomforts.

Wear Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes have come a long way. Instead of looking like they are wearing tents with strategically placed bows, pregnant women can now look stylish and be proud to show off that belly bump. Not only that, but clothing that is specially designed to accommodate a growing belly will allow women to feel comfortable instead of squished. Instead of fighting it, pregnant women should embrace making the transition from regular clothes to maternity clothes.

Gather Some Pillows

Some women find pillows to be their new best friend during pregnancy. Whether it be a small pillow to support the back while sitting in an office chair or a full-body pillow to make sleeping more comfortable, pillows can go a long way toward reducing the body aches and pains that come with pregnancy. Pregnancy body pillows, which are designed to support the weight of the belly while a woman is lying down, may be particularly useful.

Elevate Those Feet

Toward the end of pregnancy, the feet and ankles tend to swell whenever a pregnant woman is on her feet for too long. Keeping the feet elevated as much as possible will not only help reduce the swelling in already swollen feet, but it also may prevent some swelling from occurring in the first place.

Eat Small Meals Often

Even those women who abide strictly by the three-meals-a-day policy may need to make an exception during pregnancy. Eating five or six smaller meals throughout the day can ease the feelings of morning sickness during the first trimester and prevent heartburn or indigestion later on in pregnancy, explains the medical advisory board at BabyCenter.

Keep Hydrated

Getting enough fluids is essential during pregnancy. Water helps to flush waste products from the cells and assists kidney and liver function for both the baby and the mother. Women who don’t stay hydrated may prevent these things from occurring as they should and may find themselves dealing with variety of uncomfortable aches and pains. The American Pregnancy Association warns that dehydration can cause constipation, fatigue, contractions and even miscarriage or preterm labor. It goes on to say pregnant women should drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water a day. They should also avoid caffeine or sugary beverages, which may be dehydrating.


Taking it easy is one of the best ways to stay comfortable during pregnancy. Pregnant women need to realize that their bodies area already hard at work assisting the proper growth and development of the unborn baby, and forcing themselves to do too much is only asking for trouble. Whenever possible, taking the time to lie down and rest will help keep many of those pregnancy aches and pains away.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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