Grab Bag Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Teen girls can be ornery and picky, but they'll clamor for a goody bag at a party just like they are little kids again. If your teen is having a party or get-together with her girls, help her put together grab bag gifts that will thrill and impress her teen girlfriends.

Beauty Items

Give the teens small beauty-related items such as a mini compact mirror that they can put in their purse, clear lip gloss, nail polish, nail file and facial wipes. You can also include mini sweet-smelling lotions and hand sanitizers. Check the travel-size aisle of a drugstore to find most of these items at a cheap price. Another idea, if you prefer not to buy a bunch of beauty items, is to insert a $5 gift card to a popular beauty store.

Girlie Knickknacks

Include a bunch of random items in the grab bags that you know the teens at the party will adore. It could be a colorful, cozy pair of socks for around the house, glittery key chains, mini-notepad and decorative pen, sunglasses, leg warmers and coin purses. Other original items to consider include a matching charm bracelet for all the girls at the party, especially if they are all close friends.

Mini Books

Visit bookstores or novelty shops that sell quirky and humorous mini books that offer humor and advice the teen girls would love. For example, one mini book to consider is, "Friends Love You, Warts and All," by Ruth Cullen, which includes quotes about friends, featuring photos of cute animals depicting the quotes. Another mini book to consider is "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake," by Evelyn Beilenson, which features sweet and humorous quotes about life, related to cupcakes.

Vintage Candy

It's hard to go wrong with a grab bag full of sweets for teens. Although you can pick up common popular candy from the drugstore, consider visiting a vintage candy shop, where you can get the teens some nostalgic candy that they don't see everyday. This includes rock candy, saltwater taffy and candy buttons. You can include small notes on the candy that indicates which decade the candy is from.